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IndexNews ◇ With the blooming of gardenia flowers, Beijing BCT has unveiled a new product, the RS 1400 Smart Sampling System, which serves as an excellent companion for outdoor sampling

With the blooming of gardenia flowers, Beijing BCT has unveiled a new product, the RS 1400 Smart Sampling System, which serves as an excellent companion for outdoor sampling

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    • Beijing BCT Technology Co., Ltd. has recently launched a new flagship product, the RS 1400 Smart Sampling System. This intelligent sampling system, featuring multiple sampling modes and smart software operation, is an essential tool for outdoor sampling. It enables users to obtain more authentic and effective on-site samples.

      Due to the increased air mobility and the continuous expansion of chemical industrial parks, industrial areas, and residential areas in cities, it is impossible for atmospheric automatic monitoring stations to cover all areas. Monitoring personnel are also unable to be on duty 24/7 or available at all times. In response to these needs, the RS1400 Smart Sampling System has emerged. It addresses the aforementioned challenges and provides an intelligent solution for air sampling.

      System composition

      Hardware: RS1400 Smart Sampling Cabinet.

      Software: RS1400 Smart Sampling System and Cloud Server.

      Multi-channel, reliable, easy to operate, dual-mode.

      Powerful software functions include:

      • Control of the sampling system through a mobile app or computer: Users can remotely control the sampling system through a mobile app or computer, enabling safe, fast, and simple operation.
      • Ability to recognize permissions and system reliability: The system has the ability to recognize permissions, ensuring that only authorized users can perform control operations, and providing high system reliability.
      • Setting and real-time display of GPS location for sampling points: Users can set the GPS location information for sampling points and display it in real-time on the system interface for easy positioning and management of sampling points.
      • Separate viewing of real-time status for 4 sampling containers: The system can simultaneously monitor and display the real-time status of 4 sampling containers, including sampling progress, sampling volume, and other information.
      • Viewing of sampling device battery, voltage, and communication status: Users can check the battery status, voltage level, and communication status of the sampling device to ensure proper equipment functioning.
      • Automatic generation of sampling reports: The system can automatically generate sampling reports, including RS1400 controller serial number, container number, sampling point location, start time, end time, and other parameters, facilitating subsequent data analysis and record-keeping.
      • Viewing and exporting of required sampling reports: Users can view and export the necessary sampling reports to meet data analysis and other requirements.
      • Bluetooth app point-to-point control: The system supports Bluetooth app point-to-point control, allowing users to perform various sequential sampling operations via Bluetooth connection. Effective instructions can still be given to the control system even in poor 4G signal conditions.

      Other auxiliary functions include:

      • Atmospheric parameter collection: The RS 1400 sampler can record the climate conditions during sampling, such as temperature, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and include them in the sampling report.
      • Integrated sampling cabinet: The RS 1400 Smart Sampling System utilizes a specially designed outdoor sampling cabinet that provides protection against wind, rain, and theft. Furthermore, the integrated design makes the connection of sampling containers (ONE-STEP) more convenient.
      • Multiple power supply system: The system is equipped with solar panels, lithium batteries, and a power management module, allowing for seamless switching between mains power, solar power, and battery power. This enables the device to be used in various environments, including indoor and outdoor settings.

      For more details, please feel free to contact us!

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