Beijing BCT Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment in 2003, it has adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, technology first, sincere cooperation, and achieving the future", focusing on providing users with equipment and application solutions for organic sample pretreatment, especially VOCs analysis and detection, from on-site emergency portable gas quality to continuous online air and water VOC monitoring, And then to the laboratory for various VOC pre-treatment and testing... The samples cover various substrates such as gas, liquid, and solid, and the products involve various industries such as the environment, health, petrochemical, public security, food, electronics, and scientific research institutions. They have also participated in the formulation of multiple environmental related standards and have performed outstandingly in major national events such as the Beijing Olympics and World Expo, as well as emergency situations such as the Tianjin Big Bang and water sound incidents, Fully recognized in the field of environmental monitoring at all levels.

We firmly believe that science and technology can bring customers a high-quality life, and bring more value to our market, society, and the world we exist in.

We have a professional and passionate pre-sales, after-sales, and application team; We adhere to the company philosophy of "people-oriented, technology first"; We advocate "sincere cooperation, achieving the future", wholeheartedly providing technical support and solutions for customers and the market, and striving to make every employee a better self.

We have reason to believe that we are making this world a better place!

Main business:


Overall Solution for Laboratory Organic Sample Pretreatment

ENTECH Atmospheric Preconcentration System - Analysis of Trace VOC in the Atmosphere and Analysis of Sulfur-containing Gases

4700 Precision Diluter

3100D Canister Cleaning System

7016D canister autosampler

1900 Multi-Channel Canister Sampler Silonite™canister Sorbent Pen

Flow Professor™ Calibration System7032D-L Autosampling System

7650-M Robotic Canister Autosampler

7650-L20 Robotic Loop Injection Autosampler

BCT headspace sampler

Thermal Analysis - Integrated Pretreatment Plan for Gas-liquid Solid VOC

Overall Solution for FMS POPs - PLE/SPE/GPC/PowerPrep/VAP

Atmospheric and pollution source sampling system

Sampling of particulate matter in the ambient air/PUF sampling of organic pollutants

L Pollution source dioxin sampling/particulate matter sampling/heavy metal sampling/hydrogen chloride sampling/mercury sampling

L ENTECH passive sampler - Suma can, suction pen, sampling bottle


VOCs emergency warning, navigation, online overall solution

BCT VOCs Navigation Monitoring Service Solution (VOCs Navigation Monitoring Vehicle, VOCs Navigation Monitoring Service, Source Analysis Service, Ozone Pollution Cause Analysis Technical Service)

BCT HAPLINE multifunctional portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

INFICON HAPSITE portable gas chromatograph/online gas chromatograph

BCT-7800A PLUS Online Automatic Monitoring System for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Environmental Air

BCT-6800/5800 Online Monitoring System for Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Quality

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